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Student Leadership
Welcome to the Student Leadership page of Wichita Public Schools!
This page and supporting links are all about empowering students to make
their schools and community better. 

Discussion Topics
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Blog Entry Quote for the Week Posted: Tuesday, September 2 at 1:17 PM Discuss
Blog Entry 2011 Bullying Video Posted: Monday, January 30, 2012 at 9:28 AM Discuss
Web Pages
 January 2014
January student leadership newsletter
 March 2014 newsletter.pdf
March 2014 newsletter
 May 2014 newsletter.pdf
May 2014 Student Leadership Newsletter
+ Bell, Courtney
+ Burgett, Ann
+ DeForest, Jessica
+ Erickson, Renee
+ Filippi, Eric
+ Howard, Suzanne
+ Keane, Becky
+ Latimer, Whitney
+ Latta, Brian
+ Moss, Emilee
+ O’Bryhim, Tim
+ Padgett, Sherman
+ Perkins, Tom
+ Philips, Valerie
+ Renich, Briana
+ Riley, Ron
+ Santos-Silva, Emanual
+ Shook, Steven
+ Stuever, Patty
+ Turnbow, Sarah
+ Wissman, Carissa
+ Wyatt, Lisa
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